Every other year, CLAS offers a three-course summer intensive sequence in Aymara. Beginning in 2014, we are alternating summer Aymara with the Ohio State University: OSU is offering Aymara in 2014, CLAS will offer it in 2015. This partnership will allow us to offer advanced Aymara instruction. These are the only courses in Aymara offered in the US.

With support from a US Department of Education National Resource Center grant, the Aymara Summer Institute has been offered since 1995 under the direction of course instructor Miguel Huanca, author of the text Aymar Arux Akhamawa, the only Aymara-English textbook available.+

SUMMER 2015 AYMARA COURSES (anticipated; to be confirmed)

Course Code Course Title Session Weeks Dates
LACS 30201 Intensive Beginner's Aymara 1 Session I 3 weeks 6/22-7/110
LACS 30202 Intensive Beginner's Aymara 2 Session II 3 weeks 7/13-7/31
LACS 30203 Intensive Intermediate Aymara Session III 3 weeks 8/3-8/21


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