Every other year CLAS offers a summer intensive sequence in Aymara. These are the only summer courses in Aymara offered in the United States.

With support from a US Department of Education National Resource Center grant, the Aymara Summer Institute has been offered since 1995 under the direction of course instructor Miguel Huanca, author of the text Aymar Arux Akhamawa, the only Aymara-Spanish-English textbook available.

Course Description

Aymara, an indigenous language of the Andes, is spoken widely in Bolivia and parts of Peru, Chile, and Argentina. In this course, students will work with a native speaker and the tri-lingual textbook Aymar Arux Akhamawa to acquire speaking, listening, and writing proficiency as well as familiarity with formal grammatical and linguistic structures. Students will work with a variety of authentic cultural materials, including film, literature, music, visual arts, and mass media to gain familiarity with particular meanings embedded within Aymara cultural concepts and contexts. This 8-week course sequence is designed for students preparing for field work in Andean cultures or for linguists interested in indigenous South American languages.

Beginning in 2015, Aymara is being offered through the Summer Language Institute.

Summer 2019 Course Information

Information forthcoming during the 2018–19 academic year.



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