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A 12–14 course major. 2nd year proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese required.

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A 7–8 course minor. 2nd year proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese required

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 A 4-year program. Students complete graduate coursework and MA thesis during 4th year.

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Q: What do I do with a BA Major/Minor? 
A: See what our most recent graduates are up to here!

Q: How do I fit the major or minor into my existing graduation plan?
A: Visit our "pairs well with" page to see how a Latin American and Caribbean Studies major or minor complements other degree programs on campus. 

Q: What kind of funding opportunities are available to undergraduate students?
A: See below. 

Q: How do I declare a major or minor?
A: Contact Jamie Gentry. She'll point you in the right direction.


—Travel Opportunities—

  • International Experience Grants: The grants offer 1st-year through graduating 4th-year students funding for internships and work experiences abroad. The average grant amount is $3,500 but grants up to $5,000 are available. The application is normally due in April.
  • Working Abroad: The Office of Career Advancement offers information for students interested in short-term work, teaching overseas, international careers, and volunteering abroad. "Going Global" on UChicago Handshake offers job and internship listings, H-1B Employer directories, and city and country guides.
  • Study Abroad: UChicago offers quarter- and year-long opportunities for study abroad, including Oaxaca: Mexico in Latin American Civilizations.

—Internships & Career Information—

  • Summer Action Grants: These grants offer funding to 1st- through 3rd-year students interested in interning or working in the US. The average grant is $1,500 but grants up to $3,500 are available. The application is normally due in April.
  • Career Treks:The Office of Career Advancement leads students on treks (two- or three-day career exploration experiences) so they can meet employers in the US and abroad. Each trek involves visits to about 6–9 employers in one city and is organized around a career interest, such as STEM or law. Applications can be found on Handshake and travel assistance is available.
  • UChicago Careers in Journalism, Arts, and Media (UCIJAM): UCIJAM provides one-on-one advising to students, hosts skill-building workshops, and offers internship and grant opportunities.
  • UChicago Careers in Public Policy and Service: The Fried Public Policy and Service Program is a non-selective program that offers advising and helps students connect with career opportunities.
  • UChicago Careers in Philanthropy and Institutional Development (PID): PID is a selective track within the Fried Public Policy and Service Program. Students in PID attend workshops and alumni dinners. They have the opportunity to work directly with non-profits on development.

—Postgraduate Opportunities—

  • Applying to Graduate School: The Office of Career Advancement supports students as they decide whether an advanced degree matches their personal and professional interests, learn more about various degree and program options, and prepare their application materials.
  • Full-Time Jobs: The Office of Career Advancement assists students in finding positions that match their qualifications and interests, as well as supporting students as they prepare their application materials. Career Advancement partners with many organizations to offer On-Campus Recruiting.