Educator Outreach: Workshops & Online Resources


CLAS Teacher Training Workshops are an ongoing series offered by the Center for Latin American Studies with support from the United States Department of Education and other programs, such as the other UChicago National Resource Centers and the Newberry Library. Workshops are designed by university faculty, graduate students, and Center staff to enhance the classroom curriculum of educators from local public and private high schools and community colleges. Workshops introduce pedagogic methods and materials that facilitate the study of Latin America in the classroom and address subjects not traditionally taught in the US school system.

To request a workshop, please contact Claudia Giribaldi.

Upcoming workshops: 

Stay tuned for announcements for a Latin America-focused workshop in Spring 2017 and the 2017 Summer Institute for Educators. Sign up for our educator mailing list to receive details. Contact Claudia Giribaldi to be added.

Online Resources for Educators

CLAS posts educational materials, free of charge, for educators and others who find them useful. For more info, please see the links below.

2017 Joint Latin American Educator Workshop: Contemporary National Cultural Identity in Latin America and the Caribbean

Designed as a professional development workshop intended primarily for high school and community college educators (but open to all K-16 educators and librarians), this one-day event incorporated perspectives from the social sciences and humanities to explore contemporary national identities in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

  • Franco Bavoni, “Soccer, Politics, and the Crystallization of Identity”, MA 16’, MAPSS, University of Chicago
  • Korinta Maldonado, "Indigenous Movements in Latin America”, Posdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Anthropology/Native American Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Rebecca Linares, “Foundations of Knowledge”, PhD Candidate, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Teaching Resources Handout. We’ve put together some helpful resources to help educate faculty and students about different issues and topics of national cultural identity in Latin America and the Caribbean. The following sites represent a diverse array of perspectives on these issues as they play out around the region.

Teaching Resources on Food Waster in Latin America and the Caribbean

We’ve put together some helpful resources to help educate faculty and students about different issues and topics on food waste in Latin America and the Caribbean. The following sites represent a diverse array of perspectives on these issues as they play out around the region. You can view the handout here. 

Refugees, Fragile States and Our Communities (resource lists developed for educational events conducted in partnership with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and City Colleges of Chicago)

Migration and Human Rights in the North American Corridor: Dilemmas, Contradictions, and Challenges

Modernidad, Vanguardia y Revolución en las Poesía Mexicana, 1919–1930

Política Ambiental, Movimentos Sociales y Ciência para a Amazônia Brasileira: A Ciência Frente a Atuais Projetos para o Desenvolvimento da Amazônia Brasileira

Dominic Bracco II—Violence and the Lives of Youth in Mexico and Honduras 2016 Summer Teacher Institute: Global Issues in Local Contexts: Turning International Journalism into Teachable Lessons

8th Chicago International Education Conference (2016): Sensing Place, Sharing Stories: Global Literacy in the 21st Century Classroom

2015 Summer Teacher Institute: Inequality: Conditions, Consequences, Solutions

  • Daniel Goldstein — Insecurity and Unequal Access to the Law in Latin American Cities
    Online Resources: El Alto: Mobilizing Block by Block; Article: Flexible Justice: Neoliberal Violence and ‘Self-Help’ Security in Bolivia; The Edge and the Center: Gated Communities and the Discourse of Urban Fear; The Militarization of Urban Marginality:Lessons from the Brazilian Metropolis; Participatory Security: Participation, Citizen Security and the Inequities of Citizenship in Urban Peru; In Tegucigalpa, the Iron Fist Fails; Lesson Plan on Global Inequality from
  • Saskia Sassen – Beyond Inequality: Expulsions
    Online Resources: A Short History of Vultures: Long Before Argentina's Default, There was Elliott versus Panama; Article: The Language of Expulsion; The middle classes: An historic actor in today’s global world

7th Chicago International Education Conference (2014): Problem-Solving: Classroom, Community, and the World

  • Online Resources: Forensic Anthropology in Human Rights: Resources for Teaching; Forensic Anthropology in Human Rights: Teacher's Guide; Forensic Anthropology in Human Rights: Curriculum Connections; Human Rights Teaching: Articles 26-30 Lesson Plan; Human Rights Teaching: Speak Truth to Power 

2014 Summer Teacher Institute: Energy & the Global Environment: Science, History, Politics

6th Chicago International Education Conference (2013) : Global CitizenshipCenter for International Studies

2013 Summer Teacher Institute: Natural Disasters & Social Responses: A Global Perspective

2012 Summer Teacher Institute: Feeding the World: Challenges to Achieving Food Security

2011 Summer Teacher Institute: Migration: Causes and Consequences

2010 Summer Teacher Institute: Water: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the World's Most Valuable Resource

2009 Summer Teacher Institute: Understanding the Global Economy: Bringing the World Market into Your Classroom

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