Upper Midwest Latin American Studies Initiative Regional Faculty Research-Travel Awards

CLAS offers research-travel awards for faculty members at institutions in Illinois who are engaged in Latin American/Caribbean research projects or conference presentations. As part of our postsecondary outreach program, external faculty members are eligible to compete for modest travel funds.

Faculty members who wish to pursue Latin American/Caribbean research projects, engage in Latin America-focused conference presentations, or attend Latin Americanist conferences are eligible to compete for modest (up to $500) travel funds each academic year. Funded with federal Title VI funds from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and  University of Chicago, all designated as US Department of Education (US/ED) National Resource Centers, these awards are for Latin Americanist and Caribbeanist faculty with an appointment at a two- or four-year, public or private institutions in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Iowa.

NOTE: Funding is intended for faculty at regional campuses beyond the three sponsoring universities.


Award Categories (in selection priority order)

  1. Original research
  2. Presentation of accepted paper at professional conference/workshop
  3. Attendance at a professional conference/workshop

Nature of Awards**
The number of awards will vary and the dollar amount will not exceed $500 per award and will depend on the project and number of applications. Preference normally will be given to applicants who have not been funded more than twice in a five-year period.

**US Department of Education (US/ED) travel restrictions apply. Awards that include foreign travel must receive prior travel approval from US/ED at least 45 days in advance of travel and have strict airline parameters. All air travel, domestic or foreign, must be on a US carrier. Award recipients are strongly encouraged to contact the campus assigned to process their award prior to making any travel plans.

To apply, please submit the following:

  1. Application—online application hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.The application includes:  (a) application form with general information; and (b) proposal (1–2 pages) which explains the connection with Latin American/Caribbean scholarship and the reserach or conference travel to be undertaken. You must download the PDF in order to be able to fill it out and save it.
  2. Current Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Funding is made possible through the Office of International and Foreign Language Education, U.S. Department of Education (CFDA 84.01A, Title VI, Higher Education Act) and is subject to change at the federal level.

Upcoming Deadlines: TBD
Award notification will be approximately two weeks after the application deadline.

Please contact Natalie Arsenault, CLAS Associate Director, with any questions.