Yucatec Maya

Spoken Yucatec Maya is offered regularly by Professor John Lucy of the Comparative Human Development Department.

Modern Yucatec Maya language is an indigenous American language spoken by about 750,000 people in southeastern Mexico. Typically, three consecutive quarters of instruction are offered for those aiming at basic and intermediate proficiency. Students wishing to continue their training with native speakers in Mexico may apply for FLAS funding in the summer to support such efforts.

John Lucy, William Benton Professor in the Departments of Comparative Human Development and Psychology, is leading a project to modernize the Yucatec Maya (and K'iche' Maya) teaching texts first developed at the University of Chicago in the 1960s, now widely adopted for use in teaching programs throughout the US and Mexico. With major financial support from a US Department of Education Title VI International Research & Studies grant, the project aims to modernize and extend the course presentation, revise and enhance content, and improve course pedagogy.