Academic Programs

One of the top-ranked universities in the world, the University of Chicago has revolutionized education in the century since its founding with its emphasis on creative and innovative research. The Center builds upon this tradition with our interdisciplinary and individualized degree programs in Latin American & Caribbean Studies, providing students with the opportunity to earn an undergraduate major or minor in Latin American  Studies or a Master of Arts in Latin American & Caribbean Studies.  CLAS also administers a joint MBA/MA in Latin American & Caribbean Studies with the Graduate School of Business and a dual MA in Latin American Studies/MA in Public Policy with the Harris School of Public Policy Studies. CLAS' cross-listed courses span the Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions, offering students a wide range of disciplinary and methodological approaches to studying the region.In addition, CLAS supports student work by offering less-commonly-taught language studies programs, field research grant awards, and teachinig opportunities.