LACS Pairs Well with Other Majors, including:

Anthropology • Art  History •
Biological Sciences • Cinema and Media Studies •
Comparative Human Development • Comparative Literature •
Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies • East Asian Languages and Civilizations •
Economics • English Language & Literature •
Environmental and Urban Studies • Gender & Sexuality Studies •
Global Studies • Laws, Letters and Society •
History • Mathematics •
Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations • Political Science •
Public Policy • Romance Languages and Literatures •
Sociology • Statistics • Visual Arts

Major or Minor? Which one is right for me?


Minor Pairing

Double Major Pairing

How it works

A minor provides you with a way to learn more about a subject without committing to the requirements of a major. 

A double major allows you to gain both disciplinary and regional expertise, as well as to write a disciplinary thesis that focuses on Latin America. 

It might be for you if...

  • You are interested in learning more about Latin American history, politics, cultures, and economies but have a fairly rigid graduation plan laid out
  • You'd like to apply what you've learned in your disciplinary studies (e.g., History, Anthropology, Public Policy) to a specific region or case study
  • You can't get enough of the LACS courses and want to take as many as possible in your time at UChicago
  • You'd like to write a thesis on a Latin American theme or topic (or, petition to write one thesis for both majors!)
  • You have room in your graduation plan to navigate the courseload of two majors

How to declare

  • Review the LACS minor requirements here (8 courses).
  • Check in with your major to see what course requirements you need to complete and whether or not the LACS minor will be compatible.
  • Discuss the minor with the LACS program adviser.
  • Declare your minor to your College adviser.
  • Review the LACS major requirements here (14 courses).
  • Check in with your other major to see what course requirements you need to complete in order to graduate.
  • Discuss the major with the LACS program adviser.
  • Declare your second major in and to your College adviser.