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Recent BA Theses

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Politics and Experience in the Velha Republica: The Brazilian Army and the Conflicts of the 1890s 2021 Borges, Dain
Hidden Border Walls: A Legal & Humanitarian-Centered Analysis of the Migrant Protection Protocols’ Myth of Protection 2021 Fischer, Brodwyn
Femicides in Mexico from 1990 to Present: The Power of the Media in Respects to Fomentation and Advocacy Against Femicides 2021 Janson, Lara
Weave My Pain, Paint My Story, Dance My Suffering: How Expressive Therapists are Working to Process Trauma and Build Peace in Colombia 2020 González, Yanilda
The Local Socioeconomic Impact of Copper Mining in Peru: A Case Study of the Cerro Verde Mine 2020 Jina, Amir
Duende and the Dragon: How Latin American Politicians Use China as a Tool 2020 Yang, Dali
Christ and the Men of Plumeria: Colonial Maya Recombination and Subversion of Christianity 2020 Kourí, Emilio
Life in the Cowboy Capital: Resources and the Integration of Latinos in Dodge City, KS 2020 Flores, René D.
Campeones de la WWW: The Playful Politics of Latin American net.artistas 2019 Satrom, Jonathan
Resistance Through Re-Articulation: The Extirpation of Idolatries Campaigns and the Rise of the Cult of the Saints in Cusco, Peru 2019 Kolata, Alan; Richard, François
Contesting the Deterrent Impact of Transitional Justice Mechanisms on Criminal Violence in the Brazilian Context 2019 Lessing, Benjamin
Changing the Climate of Climate Change—Climate Change as an Issue of Inequality: A Study of Four Latinx Climate Leaders from New York City 2019 Graeter, Stefanie
The Regenerated Republic: An Examination of the Inheritance and Popular Memory of the Bolivian Federal War of 1899 2019 Borges, Dain
Strangers in Their Own Land: The Participation of Arizona's Hispanic Immigrants in Middle-skilled Healthcare Occupations 2019 Broughton, Chad
Segurismos: Spatial Subversions of Argentine Ideology 2019 Sullivan, Megan
The Plurinational Paradox: Autonomy and the Right to the City in Evo Morales’s Bolivia 2018 Fischer, Brodwyn
History and Narratives in Commemoration Projects in Chile: Paine Memorial and Tres Sillas Memorial 2018 González, Yanilda
Nuestra Senadora: Catherina Cortez Masto’s Appeals to Latino Voters from 2005–2016 2018 González, Yanilda
Tourism at Archaeological Sites in Mexico: Interactions Between Local and National Bodies 2018 Brittenham, Claudia
Double Play Diplomacy: A History of Major League Baseball and US-Cuba Relations 2017 Broughton, Chad
Conflict as Claim-making and Dialogue as Democracy: Community Resistance to Extractive Capital in Central Peru 2017 Sunder Rajan, Kaushik
The Temple of the Warriors and its Substructure 2016 Brittenham, Claudia
“The President’s Son and the Coach’s Son”: The Effects of School Preferences on Educational Stratification in Mexico City’s West 2016 Matsko, Kavita Kapadia 
A Spectrum of Violence: The Sinaloa Cartel, the Knights Templar Cartel, and the Zetas 2016 Lessing, Benjamin
A Delicate Balance: Inter-American Containment and Diplomacy in the Early 1960s 2016 Tenorio, Mauricio 
A Vertical Border: The Central American Migrant Trail through Mexico 2016 Kourí, Emilio
From Co-Optation to Democratization: Mexican Civil Society before and after the 1985 Mexico City Earthquakes 2016 Tenorio, Mauricio 
Beyond the Individual: Shifting our Understanding of the Health of Latinos with Diabetes 2015 Baig, Arshiya 
The Traditionally Excluded Majority: Women in the National Teacher's Union of Mexico and the Democratic Transition  2015 Gzesh, Susan 
Disruptive Gaps: Multilingualism and Double Narrative as a Means of Problematizing the Power of Language  2015 Gandolfi, Laura 
¡Ni una bomba más! Fighting for Justice Then and Now: The Development of the Vieques Anti-Navy Movement and Its Successes 2014 Borges, Dain
Returning to Not Knowing: Surrealism in the Open City of Ritoque 2014 Lopez, John 
A Solution to Overpopulation in Mexico City: Family Planning in the 1970s 2014 Kourí, Emilio
Forgetting the American Dream: Downward Assimilation of Mexican Migrants in the United States in the Age of Free Trade and Nativism 2014 Broughton, Chad
The Rise of Global Airline Alliances: Forces for Good or a Beleaguered Industry's Last Stand?  2014 Hickman, Kristin