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Our individualized programs foster the regional expertise vital to creating smarter policy, deeper knowledge, and more just global communities

Our MA programs offer students the chance to expand their knowledge of the history, politics, and culture of Latin America through a personalized program of study. Through interdisciplinary training we aim to share our curriculum and rich intellectual environment with students from diverse backgrounds and varied interests. 


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MA students in any degree program with a strong interest in Latin America and the Caribbean can complete the Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) certificate.

5 things to know

  1. Funding All students who enter into University of Chicago MA programs are eligible for tuition scholarships. Learn more about other University opportunities here.

  2. Travel Opportunities While not all students require fieldwork to complete their theses, many MA students choose to conduct 3-8 weeks of summer research through the CLAS Tinker Field Research Grants. Learn more here.

  3. Student Engagement There are many opportunities for graduate students to socialize and become involved in campus activities. Our favorite way is through the CAS workshops, which bring graduate students and faculty together to discuss works in progress. Learn more about the CAS Workshops here (in particular, the Latin American History Workshop and the Workshop on Latin America and the Caribbean), and discover other ways to interact with your colleagues here.

  4. Library The University of Chicago Library is the ninth largest academic library in North America, boasting 12.6 million volumes in print and electronic form. The library has distinctive collections in a number of disciplines and area studies, and 45% of its collections are non-English, supporting research with a global impact. Beyond the library’s extensive circulating holdings on Latin America, with notable strengths on the colonial era, Mexico, and US foreign relations with Central America, the library holds some of the world’s richest resources on the indigenous cultures and languages of Mesoamerica, including the Chicago Archive of Indigenous Literatures of Latin America. Other specialized collections include a Latin American music collection with over 320 scores and 250 recordings not commercially available, and an archive of Brazilian television and cinema, housing more than 300 movies and television series. A dedicated Latin American and Caribbean Studies Librarian works closely with LACS students on their research interests. Learn more about Latin America and the UChicago Library here, and take a virtual tour of the library here.

  5. Post-Grad CLAS-affiliated students go into a variety of fields after completing their degree programs. See what our alumni are up to here.