The Center for Latin American Studies offers two programs in collaboration with professional schools at the University of Chicago.


MA/MBA With the Booth School of Business

The joint MBA and MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies allows students to pursue coursework devoted to studying the culture, politics, history, and language of the region as a complement to their MBA degree. Through this joint-degree program, students will further their understanding of the important political, cultural, and economic dynamics affecting this region.

This program requires the successful completion of an integrated master’s thesis and non-credited thesis writing courses, 900 units of CLAS-only course credit, up to 500 units of course credit in language if needed, and 1,400 units of Booth-only course credit (+LEAD).  This program is completed in three years.

Individuals interested in this joint-degree program need to apply to Chicago Booth during Round 1 or Round 2. There is an additional essay that you will be required to write at that time. Chicago Booth will review your application and then send it to CLAS for review. You will find out if you received admission to Chicago Booth at the admissions decision deadline of whichever round you apply. Please note that you will find out if you have been admitted to the MA in Latin American & Caribbean Studies at the Round 2 admissions decision deadline even if you applied for the joint program during Round 1. Admissions decisions are made completely independent of one another. 

More joint program information here.


MA/MPP With the Harris School of Public Policy

The Harris School of Public Policy and the Center for Latin American Studies offer the possibility of pursuing a dual degree. In this case, the student first completes all requirements for the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Master of Arts (9 courses plus thesis), and then matriculates into the Harris School of Public Policy and completes requirements for a Master of Arts in Public Policy in a single year. The dual degree should be completed within two years. Individuals interested in the one-year program in public policy studies and other University of Chicago academic units should inquire about the formal arrangements at the time of application.

The MA in Public Policy is a one-year program designed for students who want to learn the fundamental skills of quantitative policy analysis as a complement to issues associated with their primary area of study. Students are encouraged to tailor this program to accommodate previous course work and career interests.

The curriculum consists of six of the seven core courses available to MPP candidates, Public Policy 30101 when appropriate, and three electives for a total of nine courses. Students who have sufficient background in the School’s core areas may petition the Office of the Dean of Students to enroll in higher-level policy core courses. Students must also demonstrate a proficiency in math by passing the math placement exam (algebra and calculus) prior to graduation. The exam is given twice a year.

More program information here.