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Recent MA Theses

MA theses are available for review in the CLAS seminar room (Kelly 114). 

       Thesis Title                 



Pishtacos in Amazonia: Unsettling Ethnology, Biopoliticized Ecologies, and Indigenous Extractivism in the Ucayali River Region 2021 Willhoit, Mary Elena
Knowledge, Gender, and the (Re)Configuration of the Sor Juana Icon in Jesusa Rodríguez’s Primero sueño 2021 Roper, Danielle
Feminist Led Social Movements and Their Impact on Abortion Legislation in Oaxaca, Mexico 2021 Krauss, Amy
An Unsettled Calm: Volcanic Risk Perception During a Period of Quiescence in Popayán, Colombia 2020 Martinez, Luis
Recognizing Climate Change Migrants: Puerto Rico and Hurricane María 2020 Gutiérrez, Ramón
Populism or Pact: Conceptualizing Civil-Military Relations in Contemporary Mexico 2020 Weng, Kevin
Looking to the Clouds: Rainwater Harvesting and Water Politics in Mexico City 2019 Fischer, Brodwyn
Eyes Wide Shut: The CIA, Cold War Logic, and the Moral Economy of Covert War in 1980s Nicaragua 2018 Kelly, John D.
Faux Trompe-l'oeil: Representation and Transmission of the Memory of Chilean Travestis in the Work of Paz Errázuriz and Claudia Rodríguez 2018 Brotherton, P. Sean
Insurgent Teachers: Literacy Campaigns, Racial Democracy, and Revolutionary Identity in the Barrios of Cuba, 1958–1961 2018 Borges, Dain
One Hundred Days: The Cuban Revolutionary Alliance of 1933 2018 Borges, Dain
The Land Is for Those Who Work It: The 1969 Peruvian Agrarian Reform in the Pampa de Anta 2018 Winchell, Mareike
Buildings Forests of Cacao: A History of the Development of the Transamazon, Cacao Agriculture, and Agroforestry 2017 Fischer, Brodwyn
Stability of International Silver Prices and Mexico’s Mining Industry, 1902–1904 2017 Tenorio, Mauricio 
Negotiating Space: The Role of Interiority in the Art of Norah Borges 2017  Sullivan, Megan 
Bonó, Hispaniola, and Race: The Domoinican Republic and Haiti 2017 Kourí, Emilio
A Neglected Population: Women's Health in Guatemala and the Failings of the Guatemalan Healthcare System 2017 Zarychta, Alan
A Categorization and Comparative Analysis of Maya Body Part Caches 2016 Brittenham, Claudia
Before the Court: Women and the Law in the Viceroyalty of Nueva Granada on the Eve of Independence, 1765–1821 2016 Borges, Dain
From Feminism to Federation: Women's Movements before and after the Cuban Revolution 2016 Fischer, Brodwyn
Que Gane el Menos Peor: Determinants of Vote Choice in Mexican Presidential Elections and the Implications for Mexico's Nascent Democracy 2016 Tenorio, Mauricio
Brazil at the 1893 Columbian Exposition: A Diplomatic, Nationalistic, and Commercial Mission of a Republic on the Verge of Collapse 2015 Tenorio, Mauricio
Loyalty and Legacy: The Modern Significance of the Chaco War in Paraguay 2015 Borges, Dain
Call me Euclides: Art, Science and Politics in Euclides da Cunha's Os Sertoes and Herman Melville's Moby-Dick 2014 Borges, Dain
Quino & Mafalda: Cultural Production, Social Criticism, and Politics in Argentina's Middleclass 2014 Tenorio, Mauricio