Requirements + Eligibility

Students who wish to apply for the Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) certificate must be enrolled in a University of Chicago doctoral program and complete the following:

  • Demonstration of language proficiency in Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Kreyol, or relevant indigenous language of Latin America through one of the following mechanisms: graduate reading examination or translation examination; completion of second year language sequence; approved FLAS summer language study at the intermediate level; or proof of native or bilingual language skills

  • At least 4 courses in Latin American Studies (cross-listed LACS courses or equivalent non-cross listed courses approved by CLAS). Courses must be taken for a quality grade (not an “R” or a “P”)

  • A dissertation project on a theme or topic related to Latin America

  • At least one year of active participation in the Latin American History Workshop or the Workshop on Latin America and the Caribbean (including presentation/hosting at least one workshop OR coordination for a year). Participation in another workshop with relevant subject matter will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Students who wish to apply for the program must do so at minimum one quarter prior to their intended quarter of graduation. Please complete the LACS PhD Certificate form and submit it to Lindsay Ortega.