The Latin American Briefing Series (LABS) brought influential academic experts, policymakers, and business leaders together at the University of Chicago to explore emerging current affairs that would shape future social, political, and economic trends in Latin America. We made videos or podcasts freely available for all of our Latin American Briefing Series events.

Please click here for our LABS YouTube Channel. All of the programs available on YouTube are listed below:


The New Economic Social Communitarian and Productive Model in Bolivia—Luis Arce Catacora, Minister of Economy and Public Finance (April 2015)
IN SPANISH (simultaneous translation)

The Challenge of Inequality in Mexico—Panel discussion featuring Fausto Hernández (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas), Guillermo Trejo (University of Notre Dame), Gerardo Esquivel (El Colegio de México), and Luís Felipe López-Calva (World Bank), modrated by Tania Islas Weinstein (PhD student, Political Science, University of Chicago) (February 2015)


Environmental Refugees: Climate Change and Human Displacement—Teófilo Altamirano (October 2012)


In Search of Democracy: Post-Populism and Pragmatic Leftism in the Andes—Michael Shifter (October 2011)

A canção no Brasil: Literature, Music, and the Brazilian Popular Song—José Miguel Wisnik, Arthur Nestrovski (April 2012)

Energy Policy and Resource Nationalism in Latin America—David Mares (May 2012)


The Andean Region in the Global Cocaine Economy: Continuities and Change—Kevin Healy (May 2011)

Argentina Now. Rethinking Peronism in the Light of the Upcoming Elections—Ernesto Calvo, Hernán Iglesias Illa, Sergio Berensztein (April 2011)

Oil, Euphoria, and Brazil's Future—Norman Gall (March 2011)

Economics and Politics of Drugs and Violence in Mexico—Gerardo Esquivel, Eduardo Guerrero (March 2011)

Presence without Empowerment—Mala Htun (January 2011)

Left Behind: The False Promise of Populism in Latin America—Sebastian Edwards (November 2010)

Perspectives for the Brazilian Economy for the Next Few Years—Henrique Meirelles (November 2010)

Revolution and Exile in Mexican History: An Homage to Friedrich Katz (November 2010)

Urban Planning in Brazil—Jaime Lerner (October 2010)

Mexico's Road to Stability—Manuel Sánchez (October 2010)


Informal Economy in Mexico—Santiago Levy (May 2010)

Democracy in Nicaragua—Carlos Fernando Chamorro and Alma Guillermoprieto (October 2009)

The Cuban Transition: Imagined and Actual—Rafael Hernandez (October 2009)


The Challenges in Latin America: The Importance of Increased Economic and Political Integration—Ambassador Charles S. Shapiro (February 2009)

Hugo Chávez y la Realidad Venezolana de Hoy—Teodoro Petkoff (October 2008)


Poverty and Income Inequality in Brazil—Ricardo Paes de Barros (January 2008)


Militarization of US Foreign Relations with Latin America: Prospects for Change—Lisa Haugaard, Joy Olson, Adam Isacson (April 2007)

The 2006 Nicaraguan Presidential Elections: Prospects for the Region—Alejandro Bendaña, Rose Spalding, Michel Gobat (January 2007)

The 2006 Mexican Presidential Elections and the Fragility of Democratic Institutions—Jean-François Prud'homme (November 2006)

The 2006 Mexican Presidential Elections and Challenges for the New Government—Maria Amparo Casar (November 2006)

Right vs. Left and the Newborn Mexican Democracy: Can the Three Survive?—Lorenzo Meyer (October 2006)


Constructing a North American Community—Robert Pastor (October 2005)


The Weakness of the State in Latin America—Fernando Escalante (February 2005)

NAFTA and Mexico Ten Years Later—Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas (January 2005)

Venezuela: A Proposed Social Charter of the Americas—Fermín Toro, Jorge Valero, Alicia Menendez (November 2004)

Mexico: Problems of a New Democracy—Jesús Silva-Herzog (October 2004)


Argentina: Development, Outlook, Opportunities—Ricardo López Murphy (May 2004)

Sustained Growth in Latin America: Key Lessons from Chile—Pedro Aspe (May 2004)

Managing Growth: Uncertainty in Latin America—Edmundo  Vallejo, Henrique Rzezinski, Luis Mesiler, Luis Ramirez Rojas, Christopher Baudoin (May 2004)

Consolidating Democracy in Mexico: Keynote Address—José Woldenberg (April 2004)

Consolidating Democracy in Mexico: Adapting and Reforming Institutions for Democracy—Jacqueline Peschard, Lorenzo Meyer, Jorge Chabat (April 2004)

The "Urban" in International Economic Development: Lessons from a Colombian City—Enrique Peñalosa (April 2004)

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