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As always, CLAS events will cover a lot of territory in 2019–20. As Thanksgiving approaches, the majority of our Autumn events are behind us—one cosponsored event, The Partisan Origins of Democracy in Latin America with Raúl Madrid (UT-Austin) remains—and we are proud of our active series of talks that featured UChicago scholars as well as invited guests from Chicago, the US, and Latin America.

Looking forward to the Winter quarter, speakers will include: Fredy González (University of Illinois at Chicago), Sarah Jessica Johnson (English), José Augusto Pádua (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), Anne Hanley (Northern Illinois University), Leonard Tonus (Sorbonne), Katherine Jensen (UW-Madison), Michel Gobat (University of Pittsburgh), Puerto Rican ensemble Plena Libre, Benjamin Fogarty-Valenzuela (Mansueto Institute), and Tinker Visiting Professor Tomás Straka (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello).

See highlights from the Autumn quarter below.


Sarah Newman (Anthropology) on
"Geo-logics: Mesoamerican Soil Taxonomies and Pedalogical Pluralism" [Oct 28]



Natalia Niedmann Álvarez (UChicago) and Andreas Feldman (University of Illinois at Chicago)
speak during "Chronicle of a Social Explosion Foretold: Making Sense of the Chilean Sociopolitical Crisis" [Nov 4]


Amazônia Groove director Bruno Martinho discusses his film
with Victoria Saramago (Romance Languages and Literatures)
at the Mostra X Brazilian Film Festival [Nov 5]



Oliver Stuenkel (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) and attendees at "How Bolsonaro is Reshaping Brazil" [Nov 7]


Members of Plena Libre encourage audience participation in a song
during their "Rhythm as Material" conversation with
Augusta Read Thomas (Music) and Cuban-born composer Tania León [Nov 8]


Ali Kulez (Humanities) presenting
"An Early Encounter in the Global South: Abd Al-Rahman Al-Baghdadi’s Journey to the Brazilian Empire" [Nov 11]