CLAS is excited to highlight our Martín-Baró Prize Lectureship and Tinker Visiting Professor courses, which will be taught in Spring 2021:

Steven Schwartz
LACS 26624 | ANTH 23024 | ENST 26624

From the elusive search for El Dorado to the growing transition to renewable energy, extractivism has defined and continues to produce effects on the everyday lives, economic possibilities, and political horizons of Latin Americans in different historic and geographic settings. This course critically explores the social and material worlds built around resource extraction in Latin America. By focusing on key episodes of 20th and 21st century energy development, the course will examine how extractivism has enabled and foreclosed certain configurations of political power, especially in relation to the state, (anti-)imperialism, the left, and indigenous social movements. We will also explore the rise of anti-extractivist struggles and critiques, with a particular emphasis on indigenous peoples’ mobilization of human rights discourse. Course readings will be interdisciplinary (from anthropology and economics to history and film), drawing on cases from Venezuela, Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico, and Bolivia.

Leonardo Waisman Tinker Visiting Professor
LACS 27720/37720 | MUSI 23721/33721
CRES 27730 | PORT 27720 | SPAN 27720

The course will undertake a critical survey of repertoires, institutions, and social practices related to musical practices in Spain and Portugal’s American territories between 1558 and ca. 1800. The missions of the Jesuits and other orders, the constitution of the musical chapels of the cathedrals, the “villancico de negros,” and the emergence of local popular music will be some of the topics examined, with a critical assessment of recent views of the role of Colonial music in current musical life. Students need to be able to read music and/or Spanish.

We also have 10 additional new Latin America & Caribbean Studies (LACS) courses, offered across disciplines, for Spring. Click here for a full course list of all LACS courses for Spring.

LACS 20310 Chicago habla español
LACS 21813 Race and Nation
LACS 22100 Islands of Diaspora: The Making of Race in the Caribbean
LACS 23025 Vidas Infames: Sujetos heterodoxos en el mundo hispánico (1500–1800)
LACS 24821 Krik...Krak! Contemporary Cross-Atlantic Storytelling: Tradition, Resistance and Empowerment
LACS 25322 History of Public Space in Mexico
LACS 26388 Food Justice and Biodiversity in Latin America
LACS 27536 The Transatlantic Slave Trade & The Making Of The Black Lusophone Atlantic, 1450-1888
LACS 51515 An Island is a World: Readings in Caribbean Enthnography
LACS 59900 Colloquium: Histories of Inequality in Latin America