Cultural and Research Resources from and about Latin America

When the COVID-19 outbreak limited our ability to connect with one another to online communications, we scoured the Internet to find recources to share with our listserv. We focused on online outreach programs from various cultural institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. From virtual tours of museums to music and theater performances streamed live, we highlighted transnational initiatives aimed at making Latin American cultural resources available in new formats. Links that were included in our digests have been compiled here for continued access. Some of the resources may no longer be available, but we are including them here as a way to showcase the organizations and artists that have made their work available during the pandemic. For additional resources, you can also explore the Latin American and Caribbean Studies digital collections through the library. Please explore and enjoy.

Film—Digital Archive of Puerto Rican Cinema
An unprecedented initiative in Caribbean cinema. has assembled a catalog of the best that the last 40 years in Puerto Rican cinema have to offer.
Corrientes: Latin American Experimental Cinema
An ongoing and dynamic online space for Latin American moving image that aims to increase visibility and connect artists and viewers by providing a platform on which artists are showcasing their films.
Retina Latina
A digital platform for viewing Latin American cinema, with open and free access for citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Cinema Tropical
A new section in the TropicalFRONT blog recommends a different film per day to watch for free online.
Rialta: Cuban Cinema in Quarantine
La mayoría de los audiovisuales compliados se compila aquí con autorización explícita de sus realizadores; otros han sido integrados desde plataformas de almacenamiento de videos.
LALIFF Connect 2020
Free month-long virtual festival of live music, films, and master classes. “We are living in unprecedented times and we must find unprecedented solutions to continue to support our Latino filmmakers and provide them with a platform to showcase their work,” says Edward James Olmos, founder of LALIFF.
Cinemateca de Bogotá
Una variada oferta cultural alrededor del cine, encuentros, lecturas de película, funciones especiales y actividades para la familia.
Cachoeira Doc: Festival Impossível Curadoria Provisória
Films chosen by Cachoeria Doc curators for this moment; films to renew a field of questions, given the new demands of the world.
Colombian Film Festival
In recent years, Colombia has expanded its resources to support filmmakers throughout the country, since then the number of productions has increased dramatically.
Sheffield Documentary Festival - Exchange
Films that reflect the diversity of the indigenous communities living in Brazilian territories.
Centro Cultural La Moneda: Cineteca Nacional de Chile
Exposiciones y actividades de interés cultural, artístico y patrimonial. Semanalmente destaca películas pertenecientes al Archivo Digital de la Cineteca Nacional de Chile.
Incidents (of Travel)
Incidents (of Travel) explores distant corners of the world through day-long excursions and extended conversations between one artist and one curator in the place-of-residence of the artist.
The Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library (HIDVL)
The Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library provides a digital venue for documenting the expression of social and political life through performance in the many cultures and political landscapes of the Americas. 
Mediateca INAH
La Mediateca INAH es el repositorio de acceso abierto del Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia de México. Tiene como objetivo preservar y hacer accesible la representación digital del patrimonio histórico y cultural bajo su resguardo.



New Work in Ethnohistory
Rebecca Dufendach, a Historian of Colonial Latin America, hosts this podcast that features interviews with the authors of recent scholarship in the field.
Radio Garden
A non-profit radio and digital research project developed by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision that provides access to thousands of live radio stations in Latin America (and around the world!).
Voces Oral History Project
Voces seeks to document and create a better awareness of the contributions of Latinos and Latinas of the World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War generations.
Studs Terkel Radio Archive: Interview with Rita Moreno
A member of the elite EGOT winners’ circle and recipient of a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004, Rita Moreno is a pioneer in arts and culture. Revisit her 1962 interview with Studs Terkel in which they discuss her Puerto Rican heritage as it relates to her portrayal of Anita in West Side Story.
Teatro Digital Colombiano
Un programa de innovación social del Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo en alianza con Bancolombia que ofrece de manera gratuita una selección de doce espectáculos de los mejores exponentes de su programación.
2666 @ The Goodman Theatre
This epic stage adaptation of Bolaño’s internationally acclaimed novel is now available online for free, unlimited streaming.
Historias Podcast
The Historias podcast is a weekly program of informed discussion into the cultural, economic, political, and social life of Latin American and Caribbean societies, and their diasporas. 



3rd Annual Latin American Foto Festival at the Bronx Documentary Center
Large-scale photographs throughout the Melrose community by award-winning photographers from the Caribbean and Latin America, with a virtual component.
Temporal: Puerto Rican Resistance at the Museum of Contemporary Photography
Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College-Chicago that explores Puerto Rico’s contemporary history as a United States territory.
Museo del Barrio
A digital visual archive dedicated to New York City’s Latinx population, in partnerships with Nuevayorkinos. The collaboration aims to highlight the long-standing presence and cultural contributions of Latinx communities in El Barrio (East Harlem).
Museo Frida Kahlo 
Take a virtual tour of La Casa Azul, in the center of Coyoacán, where Kahlo spent the majority of her life.
USF Contemprorary Art Museum—Life During Wartime: Art in the Age of the Coronavirus
Engages a select company of international artists to respond to the crisis that has gripped the planet since March 5, 2020, the date the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.
The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)
The pioneering museum in the United States dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American and Latino art. Its permanent collection now numbers over 1,600 works of art.
Harry Ransom Center—Gabriel García Márquez: The Making of a Global Writer
Drawing primarily on the papers of García Márquez, this exhibition is comprised of approximately 300 objects, including numerous documents never seen in public.
Museo de Arte Precolombino de Chile
Diversos contenidos del Museo Precolombino, para conocer y valorar el aporte de las culturas americanas y conectar con sus raíces indígenas a través de fotos y videos.
Romance Tropical: An Online Exhibition by Mónica Félix
The film Romance Tropical (1934) was announced as found in 2017 at the UCLA Film Archives. This now almost 90-year-old object had emerged abruptly into the future to a new era of technology.
Colección Gladys Palmera
Website and online database that features artwork, curated playlists, podcasts, and a series of articles written by music specialists, letting fans go deep into Palmera’s stunning treasure trove.
Museu de Arte de São Paulo
Followers can follow lives on @masp's Instagram with conversations between museum curators and guests.
Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires: El Museo en Casa
Una agenda de propuestas online para acercar el museo a toda la comunidad. Visite la exposición actual, titulada Constelaciones, una exposición antológica de Remedios Varo, figura central del surrealismo y del arte fantástico latinoamericano.
Museo de Arte de Lima
A private, non-profit cultural organization devoted to the promotion of the visual arts in Peru. It houses the only representative survey collection of Peruvian art, consisting of over twelve thousand works.
The Outwin 2019: American Portraiture Today
The Outwin 2019: American Portraiture Today features work by nearly 50 finalists of the Portrait Gallery's latest Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition.
Latin American Archaeology Collection at the Florida Museum
This online exhibit features archaeological artifacts from cultures of the Mesoamerican region, the Intermediate Area, and the Central Andes.
Archivos del Caribe
Archivos del Caribe is a non-profit community organization and collective that serves as a contemporary archive for Caribbean history.
I Paint My Reality: Surrealism in Latin America
With works by artists such as Frida Kahlo, Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo or Xul Solar, the exhibition "I Paint My Reality," examines the emergence of the surrealist movement in Latin America in the 1930s and its influence on the work of well-known contemporary artists such as the brilliant Ana Mendieta.
Constellations: Reimagining Celestial Histories in the Early Americas
Both a history of the early American heavens and a study of those communities who interpreted the firmament above them, the exhibition takes as its premise the idea that books in a library collection, like constellations, can acquire meaning through unexpected groupings, unstable connections that testify to the distinct meanings that the heavens revealed in the Americas, for the Americas, and from the Americas.
Arte, Mujer y Memoria: Arpilleras from Chile
Arpilleras are a palpable testimonies to the lived experiences of Chilean citizens throughout the brutal seventeen year Pinochet regime. Colorful textile works backed with burlap, they document the stories of women and their communities, denounce the cruelty of the government and bear witness to the human rights abuses carried out by the dictatorship.
Afro-Cuban traditions: José Bedia and Belkis Ayón
If you are interested in spirituality in art and religions with African roots, you will surely enjoy the exhibition that can be seen online at the Museum of Latin American Art.
Latin American Posters Collection
The posters included in this collection were created by a wide variety of social activists, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, political parties, and other types of organizations across Latin America, in order to publicize their views, positions, agendas, policies, events, and services.



Collaborative digital humanities project to facilitate exchange between archival communities in Latin America and the world.
ICAA: Documents of Latin American and Latino Art
Initiative dedicated to the recovery and publication of primary source materials and critical texts related to Latin American and Latinx art.
Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)
A cooperative digital library for resources from and about the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean.
LLILAS-Benson Digital Collections
One of world’s largest collections of digital assets on Latin American Studies, which includes unique archives in the areas of human rights, indigenous languages, and the first books published in the Americas.
Digital Archive of Latin American and Caribbean Ephemera
The latest and most ambitious phase in Princeton’s long time commitment to building and providing access to its unparalleled Latin American Ephemera Collection.
Sabin Americana: History of the Americas, 1500–1926
Covering more than 400 years and more than 65,000 volumes in North, Central, and South America and the West Indies, this digital collection highlights the society, politics, religious beliefs, culture, contemporary opinions, and momentous events of the time through sermons, political tracts, newspapers, books, pamphlets, maps, legislation, literature, and more.
How to Find Documentaries in Mexican Film Archives: A Quick Guide
Finding documentary cinema in the Mexican film archives can be simultaneously frustrating and rewarding, and there is no better place to begin than in the Filmoteca de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).
The Latin American Library Digital Collections at Tulane University
The Latin American Library has substantially expanded its holdings to include digital surrogates of primary source materials in its Special Collections, including photographic materials, rare books, and manuscript collections.
Contigo en la distancia: Cultura desde casa
Open access collections provided by Mexico's Secretaría de Cultura during the COVID19 crisis. Includes virtual museum tours, films, and literature.
Lantern: Search, Visualize & Explore the Media History Digital Library
Search platform for the collections of the Media History Digital Library, which digitizes collections of classic media periodicals that belong in the public domain for full public access.
Escritoras Latinoamericanas del Diecinueve: Colección Virtual
Escritoras Latinoamericanas del Diecinueve – Colección Virtual es un proyecto diseñado con una visión totalizadora del siglo diecinueve latinoamericano desde la perspectiva de las escritoras e intelectuales que transformaron las literaturas nacionales. 
Latin American, US Latinx, and Iberian Online Free E-Resources (LACLI)
This is a collective effort to create a warehouse of online free resources with Latin American, Caribbean, U.S. Latinx, and Iberian full content.
Dark Laboratory
Dark Laboratory’s philosophy is to assert survivance of communities—human and non-human animals, plant life, microorganisms—in relation to nature. Through immersive technology (VR, AR, sound design, films, video games) we are bringing the symbiotic histories of Black and Indigenous coalition to the surface in order to build future worlds of co-production and co-existence in the face of ongoing conquest. 
Early Caribbean Digital Archive
The Early Caribbean Digital Archive is an open access collection of pre-twentieth-century Caribbean texts, maps, and images. Texts include travel narratives, novels, poetry, natural histories, and diaries that have not been brought together before as a single collection focused on the Caribbean.
PR Syllabus
Puerto Rico Syllabus is a list of resources for teaching and learning about the current economic crisis in Puerto Rico.
Domains: The Colonial Spanish America Digital Jurisdictions Project
Domains: The Colonial Spanish America Digital Jurisdictions Project maps the competing and collaborative, contiguous and concentric legal authorities in colonial Spanish America.
Latin America and Caribbean Digital Primary Sources
This site hosts a database of listings that provide links to open access digitized collections of primary sources that relate to Latin America and the Caribbean.
Caribbean Memory Project
The Caribbean Memory Project (CMP) is the Caribbean’s first crowd-sourced cultural heritage research platform. Participants and the general public have direct and open access to this heritage database that may be used for reflection, education, and research into the social histories of indigenous, native, and naturalized communities by local, regional, and transnational parties.
Digital Collections of the Ibero-American Institute in Berlin
The Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut (IAI, Ibero-American Institute) is an interdisciplinary center for academic and cultural exchange between Germany and Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal. It is home to the largest specialist library in Europe for the Ibero-American region.
The Latin American Travelogues
The Latin American Travelogues is a digital collection of Latin American travel accounts written in the 16th-19th centuries.
Latin American, U.S. Latinx, and Iberian Studies Librarianship Bibliography
This is a collective Zotero bibliography on topics related to Latin American, U.S. Latinx, and Iberian Studies Librarianship: from collection development and cataloging to scholarly communication, reference, archives, instruction, and digital scholarship.