BA Preceptorship

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Each academic year the Center for Latin American Studies appoints an advanced graduate student Preceptor through an internal competition. The BA Preceptor is responsible for leading the BA Colloquium, a required course for Latin American Studies majors, and for guiding 3rd year majors through the process of selecting a thesis topic. Information about the BA Major can be found here.


The application for 2018-19 has closed. Please check back in January 2019 for the 2019-20 application.

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The BA Colloquium meets throughout the academic year via a required course during the Autumn Quarter followed by periodic meetings in Winter and Spring. The  Colloquium brings together the diverse cohort of 4th-year undergraduate majors (avg. 5–10 students) to enhance the current level of academic, peer, and career-development support. 

The Preceptor coordinates the activities of the Colloquium in close collaboration with the Latin American Studies faculty adviser and meets with each student for a minimum of 3 office hours/quarter to provide individual support in the process of writing the BA paper. This position requires a full academic year commitment.

The 3rd Year Thesis Workshop meets 3–5 times during the Spring Quarter. During these meetings, the BA Preceptor will help 3rd-year majors develop a thesis topic, find a faculty adviser, and develop a plan for summer thesis research prior to the start of the fourth year. 

The successful candidate will be an advanced graduate student in the Social Sciences or Humanities with the ability to advise undergraduate students with diverse disciplinary interests, including History, Anthropology, Economics, Biological Sciences, Public Policy, Art History, and Romance Languages and Literatures, among others. Advanced graduate students in the Divinity School with a historical concentration are also encouraged to apply. The graduate preceptor will receive a salary of $7,500 from the College. This position is contingent on funding at the expected levels.

This position requires 11 hours of work per week as per the UChicago student employment guidelines.

The BA Preceptor will:

  • Provide preliminary guidance in identifying workable BA Paper topics

  • Coach students in the strategies of approaching a major research project

  • Coach students in identifying and approaching a suitable thesis adviser

  • Guide students as they acquire the techniques of effective research writing

  • Lead the 3rd-year BA workshop during the Spring quarter


Please contact Jamie Gentry | 773-702-8420