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CLAS is pleased to announce the opening of the 2018 Vistas student photography exhibit. The annual Vistas competition and exhibit allows CLAS to highlight the importance of undergraduate and graduate research in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since the competition’s launch in 2015, students across the divisions have submitted 118 photographs representing daily life, research sites, monuments, and nature in thirteen countries. Photographs in the Vistas exhibit are selected for their creativity, diversity of subject matter, composition, and scenery.

This year’s submissions included photographs from Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru. The ten winning submissions will be exhibited at the Center for Latin American Studies (Kelly Hall 114) through November 2019.


Best in Show

Colin Andrew, MA Latin American & Caribbean Studies

20 de julio, Papayán, Colombia


2018 Exhibit

Escobar Gonzalez.png

Inés Escobar González
PhD, Anthropology

Huipil Rojo
Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico

Taken during a visit to Oaxaca de Juárez in 2017, this photograph depicts a woman dressed in a red huipil leaning against the monumental Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán underneath the blue skies of December.


Paulina León Treviño
PhD, Romance Languages & Literatures

El Palenque de mezcal
Santa Ana del Río, Oaxaca, Mexico

As part of my major’s social service program I worked at Santa Ana del Río, collecting life stories of the mezcaleros and the locals. I went back last summer to see the villagers who had become  my friends and to pick a bit of their mezcal—best taste I’ve ever known.


Luis Madrigal
PhD, Romance Languages & Literatures

Giant Steps
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This photograph of the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, was taken this year during a summer/winter trip to Bolivia.

Mann Carey.png

Alysia Mann Carey
PhD, Political Science

Estrelas Pretas
Engenho Velho de Brotas, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

This photo features two students from the Winnie Mandela School, a Pan-African community Action School run by the political organization Reaja ou Será Morta, Reaja ou Será Morto in Engenho Velho de Brotas. The picture was taken during a recording of a music video the students wrote and directed as part of their hip-hop class. The song is called “Estrela Preta.”


Jack Mensik
MA, Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Cleaning, Saturday Morning
Romero de Terreros, Coyoacán,
Mexico City, Mexico

This summer I spent seven weeks conducting field research on  water scarcity in peripheral areas of Mexico City for my master’s thesis. I conducted most of my work on the southern edges of the city in the Tlalpan and Xochimilco delegations. Researching water provided an unexpectedly intimate window into people’s domestic lives.


Agnes Mondragón
PhD, Anthropology

Lagunas de Montebello, Chiapas, Mexico


Agnes Mondragón
PhD, Anthropology

Under the Rain
San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, Mexico

My research explores the forms and processes that mediate violence in Mexico in the context of the war on drugs, in particular, how the mass-mediated fiction and religious practices that have merged out of this context contribute to give a specific shape and moral quality to drug violence in the public imagination. I took this photograph while conducting field research earlier this year.


Elena Peterman
BA, Anthropology

Sunday Market in Tlacolula, Oaxaca
Tlacolula, Oaxaca, Mexico

I was able to travel to Oaxaca, Mexico, through a Pozen Center grant for three months to work for an environmental non-profit group and to conduct thesis research. I took this photograph during that time.


Luke Pluta-Ehlers
BA, Global Studies

Heladería after Rain
Plaza de la Danza, Oaxaca, Mexico

In Winter Quarter 2018, I took the Latin American Civilizations sequence in Oaxaca, Mexico, during which I traveled throughout Oaxaca and to nearby sites, studying the history and people of Mexico and Central America.