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The minor program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies provides students majoring in other disciplines the opportunity to become familiar with Latin American social, cultural, economic, and political history, and a major language of the region. It can provide an appropriate cultural background for careers in business, journalism, government, teaching, or the nonprofit sector, or for graduate studies in one of the social sciences. The course of study is designed to be flexible so as to serve students in the humanities, social sciences, biological sciences, and physical sciences. The minor, which can be completed in one year, requires five to six courses, depending on how the student meets the general education requirement in civilization studies. No courses in the minor can be double counted with the student’s major(s) or with other minors, nor can they be counted toward general education requirements. They must be taken for quality grades and more than half of the requirements for the minor must be met by registering for courses bearing University of Chicago course numbers.


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Students should complete the general education requirement in civilization studies with Latin American Civilizations (LACS 16100-16200-16300) or Latin American Civilizations in Oaxaca (SOSC 24302-24402-24502). Students who use all three quarters of a Latin American civilization sequence to meet the general education requirement will complete a five-course minor. Students who meet the general education requirement with two quarters of the civilization sequence will count the third quarter of the sequence toward the minor, for a six-course minor.

NOTE: Students who use the civilizations sequence to satisfy the general education requirement will take a total of 8 courses toward the minor, but will count only 5 in the minor approval form (content + language). Students who take the civilizations sequence in addition to their general education requirement will take a total of 8 courses, but count only 6 on the minor approval form (content + language + 1 civ course).

The minor requires two courses in Spanish or Portuguese at the level of the second year or beyond. Credit may be granted by examination for one of these courses.

The minor requires three courses with an emphasis on Latin American themes.

Students must submit a research paper treating a Latin American topic for one of their Latin American content courses. The research paper is of intermediate length (10–15 pages) in a course with Latin American content. Each student is responsible for making appropriate arrangements with the course's instructor. Completion of the course research paper must be demonstrated to the program adviser in Latin American and Caribbean Studies.


  • Students who elect the minor program should meet with the program adviser in Latin American and Caribbean Studies before the end of Spring quarter of their 3rd year to declare their intention to complete the program.
  • The program adviser’s approval for the minor should be submitted to the student’s College adviser, on a form obtained from the College adviser, no later than the end of the student’s 3rd year.  
  • Please contact Jamie Gentry to declare your minor.



For questions regarding the minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, please contact
Jamie Gentry | 773.702.8420 |