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Peter Ballou 2016 The Temple of the Warriors and its Substructure Claudia Brittenham
Ana Gonzalez 2016 “The President’s Son and the Coach’s Son”: The Effects of School Preferences on Educational Stratification in Mexico City’s West Kavita Kapadia Matsko
Ander Iruretagoyena 2016 A Spectrum of Violence: The Sinaloa Cartel, The Knights Templar Cartel, and The Zetas Benjamin Lessing
James McDonough 2016 A Delicate Balance: Inter-American Containment and Diplomacy in the Early 1960s Mauricio Tenorio
Cristina Schaver 2016 A Vertical Border: The Central American Migrant Trail Through Mexico Emilio Kourí
 Adaline Torres 2016 From Co-Optation to Democratization: Mexican Civil Society Before and After the 1985 Mexico City Earthquakes Mauricio Tenorio
Patricia Fernandez Pineros 2015 Beyond the Individual: Shifting our Understanding of the Health of Latinos with Diabetes Arshiya Baig
Brittany Ramos-Janeway 2015 The Traditionally Excluded Majority: Women in the National Teacher's Union of Mexico and the Democratic Transition  Susan Gzesh
Yevanit Reschechtko 2015 Disruptive Gaps: Multilingualism and Double Narrative as a Means of Problematizing the Power of Language  Laura Gandolfi
Patricia Arbona 2014 ¡Ni una bomba más! Fighting for Justice Then and Now: The Development of the Vieques Anti-Navy Movement and its Successes Dain Borges
Alicia French 2014 Returning to Not Knowing: Surrealism in the Open City of Ritoque John Lopez
Melissa Marquez 2014 A Solution to Over Population in Mexico City: Family Planning in the 1970s Emilio Kourí
Michelle Musielewicz 2014 Forgetting the American Dream: Downward Assimilation of Mexican Migrants in the United States in the Age of Free Trade and Nativism Chad Broughton
Nicolas Serna 2014 The Rise of Global Airline Alliances: Forces for Good or a Beleaguered Industry's Last Stand?  Kristin Hickman
Luis Amaya 2013 Lessons to Learn from the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 Susan Gzesh
Shayna Coello 2013 An Ideology of Violence: The Sendero Luminoso Movement of Peru 1980-1992 Dain Borges
Ameer Drane 2013 Spanglish: an Ambiguous and Problematic Roadblock on the Path to U.S. Spanish  
Victor Montecinos 2013 Simulacra of Power: Establishing Legitimacy in Colonial Peru via Symbolic and Ritual Representations of Power Dain Borges
Alicia Fullilove 2012 Fast Food in the United States and Mexico; Beyond Taste and into Pleasure Mauricio Tenorio 
Amanda Kim 2012 The History of Mexico According to Diego Rivera: One History, Two Visions Mauricio Tenorio 
Larissa Pittenger 2012 Writing the Law of the Land: Conflictive Social Movements and the Battle over Agrarian Reform in the 1988 Brazilian Constitution  
Jonathan Rodrigues 2012 Explaining Changing Migration Patterns: The U.S.-Brazilian and Japanese-Brazilian Cases Mariela Szwarcberg
Katherine Demartini 2011 Congress Hotel Strike: Changes in the Meixcan Chicago Labor Movement Chad Broughton
Stephanie Dering 2011 Un-silencing Bolivian subjectivity after 1952: a literary perspective  Dain Borges & Kelly Austin
Ashley  Lane 2011 All the Rage: Examining the Rhetoric of mexicanidad, latinidad, and Illegality in Modern News

Raúl Coronado

Natalie Povilonis 2011 Dialect Discrimination in Peru: A Comparative Study  
Naiara Testai 2011 Theatrics of Power: The Theatricality of the Dirty War and the Transitional Justice Trials in Argentina 1976-1985 Mario Santana
Alaina Valenzuela 2011

Facilitating Local NGOs: Holistic Ecosystem Conservation in the Lerma Chapala Basin, Guanajuato, Mexico

Graciela Márquez Colín
Bonnie-Kate Walker 2011 State Power in the Information Age: The Emergent Cuban Economy of Communications Technology John D. Kelly
Omaris  Zamora 2011

El tíguere sin cola: La emasculación de una dominicanidad transnacional

Raúl Coronado
Victoria Alvarez 2010

The United States and Mexico: tackling undocumented immigration flows in an unbalanced partnership

 Susan Gzesh

 Jacqueline Carillo 2010

The New Politics of Minority Demographics: Competing Constructions of Latina/o Identity in Contemporary U.S. Print Media

Victoria Carmona 2010 German Military and Intelligence Influence in Argentina During the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries Michelle Murray
Kaitlin Devaney 2010 The Effect of the U.S. Deportation Policy on Mara Salvatrucha: The Need for a Multinational Law Enforcement Effort Naomi Bartz & Benjamin Johnson
Sarah Elizabeth Farr 2010 Race, Class, and Labor Radicalism in the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands, 1900-1910 Emilio Kourí
Alejandra Gutierrez 2010 "De nada sirve decir lo que quiero si no que es lo que debo de hacer:" Perspectives on Return Migration among Mexican Immigrants G. Cristina Mora
Edgar Hernandez 2010

Latino Success Stories: Taking a Different Perspective by Analyzing First-Hand Accounts of Students through Family, School Institutions, and the Role of Resilience in Education

Sara Ray Stoelinga
Sara Leginsky 2010 First Class Americans, Second Class Texans: The American G. I. Forum and the Politics of Citizenship in Post-World War II Texas Emilio Kourí
Mayra Lopez 2010 Mexican Culture in Chicago: A Case Study of the Production of Mexican Culture in Pilsen  
Mark Redmond 2010

“A lot of soldiers, but not a lot of generals”: Mexicans and the Machine in Chicago’s 14th Aldermanic Ward 

Ramón A. Gutiérrez & Matthew Briones
Patricia Ross 2010 Machismo and its Effects on Lesbianism within Mexico Kelly Austin
Julia Wollrab 2010 Massacre in Mexico: The Acteal Debate Emilio Kourí