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Courses numbered 10000–19000 are general education and introductory courses. Courses numbered 20000–29900 are intermediate, advanced, or upper-level courses and are open only to undergraduates. Courses numbered 30000 and above are graduate or professional school courses and are available to undergraduate students only with the consent of the instructor. Undergraduates registered for 30000-level courses will be held to the graduate-level requirements. To register for courses that are cross-listed as both undergraduate and graduate (20000/30000), undergraduates must use the undergraduate number (20000).

Courses that begin with the LACS code are hosted by the Center and include descriptions. All other courses (ANTH, HIST, SPAN, etc.) are cross-listed with Latin American and Caribbean Studies, but are hosted by other departments. Descriptions for these courses can be found on the website of the host department. To view course times and locations for a specific quarter, please visit the University of Chicago Class Schedules.

Students enrolled in the master's or bachelor's program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies must consult with the CLAS program adviser to ensure that courses denoted by an asterisk fulfill degree requirements.