Current BA Students

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Christopher Munoz

Majors: LACS, International Studies

PRIMARY AREA(S) OF INTEREST: I recognized the important links between the US and Latin America, specifically thinking about Mexico and immigration. I have specialized mostly in Mexico but am looking to study Cuba and the Caribbean.
POST-GRADUATION PLANS: Either work in the non-profit/NGO sector, government or pursue a PhD.

Adela Zhang

Majors: LACS, Economics

PRIMARY AREA(S) OF INTEREST:  I spent part of my gap year in Peru, working at a government-run child care center for families at the poverty line. That experience, in conjunction with many of the excellent classes in Latin American studies that I’ve taken at UChicago (e.g. Human Rights and Development in Latin America and Latin American Civilizations I), whetted my appetite for an involved and considered approach to making sense of modern Latin America. I am currently interested in Chinese state-owned enterprises that operate in extractive sectors where large indigenous communities are located, like Peru and Bolivia.


Cosmo Albrecht

What drew you to LACS? What areas are you interested in exploring?

I grew up in a majority-Latino community and have Bolivian roots, so Latin America and its people have always been a presence in my life. I wanted the opportunity to explore Latin American culture and contemporary politics through an interdisciplinary lens. The major's emphasis on language learning, transnationalism, and comparative politics has been awesome.

Favorite LACS course?

"Cities from Scratch" with Professor Fischer

What are you plans for the summer? 

I'll be traveling to South America on a FLAG and ruminating on potential BA topics. Visa clearance permitting, I'll be spending two months in Brazil exploring the historical and cultural sites and learning Portuguese. Beforehand, I plan to visit Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. Excited to cross Machu Picchu off my bucket list!

What would you like to do with your LACS degree?

I'm interested in going to graduate school for public policy or sociology, with a focus on Latin America. In the future, I see myself working in the public/NGO sector, or perhaps teaching.

 Paula Carcamo


Priyanka Farrell


Chase Harrison 

Major(s): Latin American Studies & Political Science 


 Alice Kallman


 Ivan Vazquez



Henry Bacha

What drew you to LACS? What areas are you interested in exploring?

I spent the summer after my first year studying Portuguese in Brazil. The experiences that I had while studying and traveling in Brazil really left me wanting to learn more about Latin America. I'm particularly interested in Latin American religion and the cycle of revolutions and dictatorships that affected the region in the 20th century.

Favorite LACS course?

I absolutely loved "Musical Multiculturalism in Brazil," taught by Sergio Assad.

What are you plans for the summer? 

This summer I'll be working on an archaeological project in the Teyuna-Ciudad Perdida Archaeological Park in Colombia.

What would you like to do with your LACS degree?

Not sure yet, but possibly graduate school.

Josiah Brown (Anna)

What drew you to LACS? What areas are you interested in exploring?

I became interested in studying on Latin America during the four months I spent living in Guatemala, tutoring youth in math and working on an organic farm. I am interested in studying math education and agriculture across different cultures.

Favorite LACS course?

I loved taking "Inca and Aztec States" with Professor Alan Kolata. 

What are you plans for the summer? 

This summer I will be working with The Food Project, a non-profit based in Boston MA. I will be leading a group of high school students in farm work and educational workshops to work towards building a sustainable food system.

What would you like to do with your LACS degree?

I am thinking about working in a bilingual school, as a math teacher or in the social sciences. 

TJ L’Heureux

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What drew you to LACS? What areas are you interested in exploring?

My interest in the Spanish language was the catalyst for deciding to pursue the Latin American Studies major. I'm broadly interested in the cultures of Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina, as well as colonialism in Latin America.

Favorite LACS course?

So far, my favorite course has been Las Regiones del Español, a linguistics class that explores the different dialects in Spanish-speaking Latin America, namely, the differences and similarities between dialects as well as their influences.

What are you plans for the summer? 

During the summer, I'll be working in data analytics consulting for 10 weeks. Additionally, I have a number of books (some on Latin America) to read, and I'm planning on traveling to Cuba for a week and a half.

What would you like to do with your LACS degree?

At some point in my life, I hope to work in Latin American (probably Mexico or Colombia) in consulting. Latin American Studies will be immensely beneficial for finding myself down this avenue.

Martina Lentino


Diestefano Loma