Indigenous Literatures Archive

The Chicago Archive of Indigenous Literatures of Latin America (CAILLA) seeks to increase access to published literary works appearing in the indigenous languages of Latin America after 1900. Because of the local nature of their production and distribution, these works are often little known, difficult to obtain, and at risk of rapid disappearance.

CAILLA's main purpose is to provide information about the existence of such works to the public  and make the works available to scholars, to members of the language communities producing these works, and to the general public.

The Archive contains three parts:

  • A searchable database of known works
    Extensive data has been gathered on each item. You can search by keyword or browse by language.
  • A library collection of original and facsimile copies held at the University of Chicago
    Entries with UChicago library catalog numbers can be accessed in the library or via interlibrary loan.
  • Downloadable copies of some works
    If available, simply click the download link.