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CLAS strives to serve the larger national and international Latin Americanist community through the development and dissemination of innovative research. Our online materials—including our podcast, working papers, regular event videos, and Latin American Briefing Series videos—explore current trends and new themes in the field and region.

entreVistas PODCAST

Chats about Latin American politics, culture, and history, featuring faculty, students, and visitors at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Chicago.

Episode 1 (May 2018): Miguel Caballero Vásquez and Monumental Anxieties
Caballero, Collegiate Assistant Professor of Humanities at the University of Chicago, is currently completing a book manuscript titled Monumental Anxieties, on the controversy of monumentality and the reinvention of monuments between the 1920s and 1970s.

Episode 2 (July 2018): Yanilda María González and Participatory Security in Latin America
González, Assistant Professor in the School of Social Service Administration, discusses her research on participatory security in Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Bogotá.
Note: We were only able to feature part of the chat in the podcast. Click here to listen to the full conversation with Prof. González.


Our new Working Papers series, launched in 2014–15, focuses primarily on translations of works-in-progress by Latin American scholars who visit the University of Chicago. They will have the opportunity to discuss their work with our students and faculty, and we will share their work with new audiences through online dissemination. Through the Working Papers series, we will make available cutting-edge research from Latin America that was previously unavailable to English-speaking audiences.

Copyright for the Working Papers is retained by the author(s). This series is offered as a public service and materials may be reproduced for research and educational purposes, provided proper citation and credit are included.

Clues for an Archive: The University of Chicago, Mexico, the Social Sciences and Language [pdf]—Mauricio Tenorio, University of Chicago [2014]

Higher Education in 21st Century Brazil: New Politics, New Possibilities, New Achievements [pdf]—Elisabete Monteiro de Aguiar Pereira, Universidade Estadual de Campinas [2015]

The Adventures of Latin American Music in the Sixties: Gilbert Chase, Alberto Ginastera, and the Fellows of Buenos Aires’ Latin American Center for Advanced Musical Studies [pdf]—Hernán Gabriel Vázquez, Universidad Nacional de Rosario – Instituto Nacional de Musicología “Carlos Vega” [2017]

The ‘Vanderbilt Boys’ and the Modernization of Brazilian Economics [pdf]—Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak, Cedeplar/Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and Ramón García Fernández, Universidade Federal do ABC [2018]


Videos from conferences, panels, and other cosponsored campus events.

Crisis in Venezuela: Historical Perspectives and Potential Solutions. This event on current affairs in Venezuela—sponsored by the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Institute for the Humanities and Northwestern University’s Latin American and Caribbean Studies Center, and cosponsored by CLAS—brought together a panel of prominent scholars of the South American nation to discuss the historical causes of the crisis, the current situation, and the potential outcomes (March 2018).

Democratization and Memories of Violence: Ethnic minority rights movements in Mexico, Turkey, and El Salvador. Mneesha Gellman, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Emerson College, presents her book that examines how ethnic minority communities make claims for cultural rights from states in different ways depending on how governments include them in policies and practices of accommodation or assimilation (February 2017).

What Is the Latino Vote? The Institute of Politics, the Katz Center for Mexican Studies, and CLAS welcomed a panel of experts to discuss questions and issues related to the Latino vote in the US (October 2016).

2016 Summer Teacher Institute - Global Issues in Local Contexts: Turning International Journalism into Teachable Lessons This two-day professional development workshop brought together award-winning journalists supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and digital educational resources created by Pulitzer Center and UChicago to address the incorporation of current global issues in the classroom. Watch "VIolence and the Lives of Youth in Mexico" by photojournalist Dominic Bracco II (June 2016).

International Education Conference: Sensing Place, Sharing Stories: Global Literacy in the 21st Century Classroom. Featuring Don Belt, Professor of Journalism at the University of Richmond and former Senior Editor, National Geographic magazine (April 2016). 

CRES Talk with Eduardo Lalo (December 2015)
Presented by the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture

Cities and Spectacle in Modern Brazil (May 2015)
Selected presentations from the 2015 Urban Forum, which brought together social scientists and cultural critics from across the hemisphere to discuss the ways in which spectacle—from global galas and cultural events to politicized forms of poverty, violence, and demands for civil rights—has impacted the modern urban form. By considering modern mega-events in the context of other formative spectacles, historical and contemporary, the conference demonstrated the broader importance of spectacle in shaping urban economies, cultures, landscapes, and forms of governance. Sponsored by the Urban Network, CLAS, and the Franke Institute for the Humanities.

Violence Crisis in Mexico: The Case of Ayotzinapa (November 2014)
Mauricio Tenorio of the University of Chicago, Guillermo Trejo of the University of Notre Dame, and Arturo Cano of La Jornada, spoke on issues of governance, corruption, and possible programmatic responses.


The Latin American Briefing Series (LABS) brings influential academic experts, policymakers, and business leaders together at the University of Chicago to explore emerging current affairs that will shape future social, political, and economic trends in Latin America. We make videos or podcasts freely available for all of our Latin American Briefing Series events.

To Watch or Listen to Briefings:

Please click here for our LABS YouTube Channel. All of the programs available on YouTube are listed below:


The New Economic Social Communitarian and Productive Model in Bolivia—Luis Arce Catacora, Minister of Economy and Public Finance (April 2015)
IN SPANISH (simultaneous translation)

The Challenge of Inequality in MexicoPanel discussion featuring Fausto Hernández (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas), Guillermo Trejo (University of Notre Dame), Gerardo Esquivel (El Colegio de México), and Luís Felipe López-Calva (World Bank), modrated by Tania Islas Weinstein (PhD student, Political Science, University of Chicago) (February 2015)


Environmental Refugees: Climate Change and Human Displacement—Teófilo Altamirano (October 2012)


In Search of Democracy: Post-Populism and Pragmatic Leftism in the Andes—Michael Shifter (October 2011)

A canção no Brasil: Literature, Music, and the Brazilian Popular Song—José Miguel Wisnik, Arthur Nestrovski (April 2012)

Energy Policy and Resource Nationalism in Latin America—David Mares (May 2012)


The Andean Region in the Global Cocaine Economy: Continuities and Change—Kevin Healy (May 2011)

Argentina Now. Rethinking Peronism in the Light of the Upcoming Elections—Ernesto Calvo, Hernán Iglesias Illa, Sergio Berensztein (April 2011)

Oil, Euphoria, and Brazil's Future—Normal Gall (March 2011)

Economics and Politics of Drugs and Violence in Mexico—Gerardo Esquivel, Eduardo Guerrero (March 2011)

Presence without Empowerment—Mala Htun (January 2011)

Left Behind: The False Promise of Populism in Latin America—Sebastian Edwards (November 2010)

Perspectives for the Brazilian Economy for the Next Few Years—Henrique Meirelles (November 2010)

Revolution and Exile in Mexican History: An Homage to Friedrich Katz (November 2010)

Urban Planning in Brazil—Jaime Lerner (October 2010)

Mexico's Road to Stability—Manuel Sánchez (October 2010)


Informal Economy in Mexico—Santiago Levy (May 2010)

Democracy in Nicaragua—Carlos Fernando Chamorro and Alma Guillermoprieto (October 2009)

The Cuban Transition: Imagined and Actual—Rafael Hernandez (October 2009)


The Challenges in Latin America: The Importance of Increased Economic and Political Integration—Ambassador Charles S. Shapiro (February 2009)

Hugo Chávez y la Realidad Venezolana de Hoy—Teodoro Petkoff (October 2008)


Poverty and Income Inequality in Brazil—Ricardo Paes de Barros (January 2008)


Militarization of US Foreign Relations with Latin America: Prospects for Change—Lisa Haugaard, Joy Olson, Adam Isacson (April 2007)

The 2006 Nicaraguan Presidential Elections: Prospects for the Region—Alejandro Bendaña, Rose Spalding, Michel Gobat (January 2007)

The 2006 Mexican Presidential Elections and the Fragility of Democratic Institutions—Jean-François Prud'homme (November 2006)

The 2006 Mexican Presidential Elections and Challenges for the New Government—Maria Amparo Casar (November 2006)

Right vs. Left and the Newborn Mexican Democracy: Can the Three Survive?—Lorenzo Meyer (October 2006)


Constructing a North American Community—Robert Pastor (October 2005)


The Weakness of the State in Latin America—Fernando Escalante (February 2005)

NAFTA and Mexico Ten Years Later—Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas (January 2005)

Venezuela: A Proposed Social Charter of the Americas—Fermín Toro, Jorge Valero, Alicia Menendez (November 2004)

Mexico: Problems of a New Democracy—Jesús Silva-Herzog (October 2004)


Argentina: Development, Outlook, Opportunities—Ricardo López Murphy (May 2004)

Sustained Growth in Latin America: Key Lessons from Chile—Pedro Aspe (May 2004)

Managing Growth: Uncertainty in Latin America—Edmundo  Vallejo, Henrique Rzezinski, Luis Mesiler, Luis Ramirez Rojas, Christopher Baudoin (May 2004)

Consolidating Democracy in Mexico: Keynote Address—José Woldenberg (April 2004)

Consolidating Democracyin Mexico: Adapting and Reforming Institutions for Democracy—Jacqueline Peschard, Lorenzo Meyer, Jorge Chabat (April 2004)

The "Urban" in International Economic Development: Lessons from a Colombian City—Enrique Peñalosa (April 2004)

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