Teacher workshops, dance performance

Public Engagement—also known as outreach—has been a vital part of our work. Given our considerable intellectual resources and the close ties that both Chicago and the state of Illinois have to Latin America, CLAS organizes outreach activities that extend the impact of university resources into our region and nation. The presentation of Latin America-focused content at K–16 training workshops, lecture series aimed at business and the media, and arts and literary events geared to the general public constitute a rich public engagement program that reaches sizeable audiences.

Resources for Educators

For many years, CLAS partnered with campus units to provide in-service professional development workshops for K–16 teachers to improve their knowledge of Latin America and discuss strategies for incorporating innovative scholarship into their curriculum. Resources—including videos, presentations, and teaching materials—from the annual Summer Institute for Educators and International Education Conference (IEC) are available through the UChicago Educator Outreach website. Additional Latin America-focused materials are available on the CLAS website. Teachers who are interested in the possibility of hosting Skype or in-person presentations about Latin America, or who are looking for teaching materials on particular topics, should contact Natalie Arsenault.

Teacher workshops

Community Engagement

CLAS regularly partners with local community entities to extend dialogue on Latin American issues of interest outside the University campus. We host arts and culture events on and off campus, and support student and faculty connections with community groups, among other initiatives.

For more information on any of these programs, please contact Natalie Arsenault, Associate Director.