Above all, CLAS is a place of gathering.
Students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars from throughout the Americas
come here to teach, study, and expand their knowledge through our many programs and events.

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News & Announcements

Please join the Center for Latin American Studies in congratulating the 2019 Tinker Field Research Grant recipients!

CLAS affiliate faculty member Ben Lessing (Political Science) is one of two UChicago scholars honored for research on pressing issues.

CLAS streamed two events on Facebook this quarter, marking the first time we've used livestreaming technology to share our events with a wider audience.

Political Scientists write on current politics for US and Latin American media.

Events Calendar


Contextos: Land and Water: The Property Dilemma Underlying Mexico City’s Water Crisis

Jack Mensik, MA Student, LACS, on rainwater harvesting in Mexico City.

Contextos: Slave Nostalgia: When the Plantation Doctor Tries to Read the Minds of the Enslaved

Isabela Fraga, PhD Student in Romance Languages & Literatures, on death from nostalgia.

Contextos: Past and Present Perceptions of the “Police Problem” in Mexico City

Keegan Boyar, PhD Candidate in History, examines the institutional and social construction of public order and security in Mexico City.

EntreVistas, episode 2: Participatory Security in Latin America

Yanilda María González, School of Social Service Administration, discusses her research on participatory security in Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Bogotá. Full conversation here.here.

Contextos: Of fruit and flesh, bananas and bodies

Maggie Borowitz, PhD Student in Art History, interprets Jose Alejandro Restrepo's immersive installation, Musa Paradisiaca.

EntreVistas, episode 1: Monumental Anxieties

Miguel Caballero, Collegiate Assistant Professor of Humanities, is currently completing a book manuscript titled Monumental Anxieties, on the controversy of monumentality and the reinvention of monuments between the 1920s and 1970s.

Contextos: Announcing Our Podcast, EntreVistas

The Center for Latin American Studies is pleased to announce the launch of EntreVistas, the CLAS podcast. Our May Contextos blog post is dedicated to the first EntreVistas episode which features Miguel Caballero Vazquez (Humanities, UChicago)In this latest post, CLAS communications assistant Ámber Miranzo, LACS MA’ 18, guides you through the launching of EntreVistas and introduces you to the new podcast series

Contextos: Following the Chocolate Trail

Kerry LePain, LACS MA'17, takes the reader on a journey through the chocolate trail in the Amazon.

Contextos: La Saya

Danielle M. Roper, Provost's Postdoctoral Scholar, Romance Languages and Literatures enthusiastically writes about the music of Bolivia's black populace, "saya."

Contextos: Imperial Government in Spanish America

Fidel J. Tavárez, Provost’s Postdoctoral Scholar, History, writes about the nuevo sistema in Spanish America.


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