Above all, CLAS is a place of gathering.
Students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars from throughout the Americas
come here to teach, study, and expand their knowledge through our many programs and events.

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Events Calendar


Contextos: Criminality and Evangelisms in the Favela: Ethnographical Notes from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Ana Beraldo, a former visiting doctoral student at CLAS, reflects on bandits and believers in the favelas of Belo Horizonte.

EntreVistas: Surinamese Artist Marcel Pinas on His Roots, His Work, and His Community

Marcel Pinas, a Surinamese artist with Maroon roots, traces his professional and personal journey to becoming an internationally-recognized artist as well as a community activist and advocate. Full episode available here.

Contextos: Making Wind Energy with Venezuelan Horsepower

Steven Schwartz, a doctoral candidate in Anthropology, discusses the significant presence of Venezuelan cars in La Guajira, Colombia's wind energy center.

Contextos: On Archives, Dissertations, and All We Cannot Control

Hanna Manente Nunes, a doctoral candidate in History, discusses the role of luck and uncertainty in research.

EntreVistas: Indigenous Citizenship and Political Activism in Bolivia

Mareike Winchell (Anthropology) discusses her research in Bolivia, where she studies questions of indigeneity and governance and how histories of agrarian servitude have shaped the terms of citizenship and political inclusion in the present.

Contextos: Powers of Terror: Esotericism and the Argentine Dictatorship

Laura Colaneri, a doctoral candidate in Romance Languages and Literatures, discusses José López Rega and sinister forces in Argentine politics.


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