Election Day is less than 3 weeks away, and the window is closing for you to get your ballot in! Concerned that you don’t have a voting plan? EARLY VOTING starts near campus on October 14!

All eligible voters are able to vote early in Illinois, as long as you have not voted elsewhere. If you are not registered in Illinois, you can register on-site. Simply bring two forms of ID with you to the voting site, one of which lists your current address. If you live in the dorms, a screenshot of your tuition bill on my.Uchicago will work for this. More info on acceptable forms of ID can be found here!

Voting absentee in Chicago? The early voting sites serve as an absentee ballot drop box too!

Changed your mind about voting by mail in Chicago? Bring your mail ballot to an early voting location to surrender your ballot and vote in person. Remember to bring a mask! 

Early Voting Site Info: Now Open!

Ray Elementary School
5631 S. Kimbark Avenue

Fiske Elementary School
6020 S. Langley Avenue

Monday-Friday: 8:30am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am-5pm

CLAS is urging every eligible voter to register and exercise their right to vote. 

 UChiVotes  is a nonpartisan voter engagement initiative working to make UChicago a national leader in voter registration and turnout.

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Above all, CLAS is a place of gathering.
Students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars from throughout the Americas
come here to teach, study, and expand their knowledge through our many programs and events.

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News & Announcements

Pauliceia Project 2.0 & Viewing Latin America from Above: Using Aerial and Satellite Imagery in Latin American Environmental History

McFee, who is currently a Social Sciences Teaching Fellow at UChicago, has been awarded over £1 million to support her research initiative: Trust after Betrayal: Global Develo

Marcel Pinas, a Surinamese artist with Maroon roots, traces his professional and personal journey to becoming an internationally-recognized artist as well as a community activist and advocate. 

CLAS has compiled a list of resources in the areas of film, audio/music, museum/exhibitions, and writing/research.

Events Calendar


EntreVistas: Surinamese Artist Marcel Pinas on His Roots, His Work, and His Community

Marcel Pinas, a Surinamese artist with Maroon roots, traces his professional and personal journey to becoming an internationally-recognized artist as well as a community activist and advocate. Full episode available here.

Contextos: Making Wind Energy with Venezuelan Horsepower

Steven Schwartz, a doctoral candidate in Anthropology, discusses the significant presence of Venezuelan cars in La Guajira, Colombia's wind energy center.

Contextos: On Archives, Dissertations, and All We Cannot Control

Hanna Manente Nunes, a doctoral candidate in History, discusses the role of luck and uncertainty in research.

EntreVistas: Indigenous Citizenship and Political Activism in Bolivia

Mareike Winchell (Anthropology) discusses her research in Bolivia, where she studies questions of indigeneity and governance and how histories of agrarian servitude have shaped the terms of citizenship and political inclusion in the present.

Contextos: Powers of Terror: Esotericism and the Argentine Dictatorship

Laura Colaneri, a doctoral candidate in Romance Languages and Literatures, discusses José López Rega and sinister forces in Argentine politics.

EntreVistas: Life in Academia after the LACS MA 

Sarah Osten (LACS AM'04, History PhD'10) discusses her time on campus as an MA student, her transition into the History doctoral program, and her experience navigating the job market post-graduation.

Contextos: A Language Puzzle in Panama

Carlos Cisneros, a doctoral candidate in Linguistics, reflects on the details of the Chibchan language family that piqued his interest.

Contextos: Hearing, Seeing, and Smelling 1950s Tijuana: An Exercise in Historical Imagination

Christian Rocha, a doctoral candidate in History, discusses the texture of city life around his research site, both today and in the 1950s.


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